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    Sarah is co-director of Malvolio. She brings her creative skills to the business, and loves concept development in commercial projects, illustration, and working on various self-initiated paper craft projects in her spare time.

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    Communication design – choose your words!

    We had a good giggle in the studio when this photo popped up on Facebook:


    But all jokes aside, there is a serious point about this sign – and it’s in the wording. Sometimes proof-reading and checking gets put to the wayside, and the focus ends up on wholly on the design. The reality is that the content is just as important as any layout, font or colour that will ever be chosen – if not more important.

    Signage is a perfect example of this – you just need to go to a website like to see what can happen with words and their sequence if they aren’t checked. While it can be funny, it can be a complete disaster too – it’s not a cheap exercise to get professional signage produced (let alone reproduced).

    So check how you word something before it is produced or published, run it past a few people if you can…and make sure you don’t end up with a dog in the bin and a poo on the ground.

    Colour requests: time to have a giggle

    I came across this one on this morning, and we had a good laugh in the office.


    But the above photo wasn’t where the funny ended. The guy who responded with “So basically, Super Target” and the below photo wins. We were in stitches!


    Thanks for the laughs!

    Crate Man

    Street art in Melbourne is one of our favourite things.

    Crate Man used to hang around the city, always giving us a giggle wherever we spotted him next. We haven’t been to the city for ages, so I don’t know if he is still hanging around on buildings.


    Design challenges: Method of Action

    These games from Method of Action got us testing our skills in the studio.

    Kern Type checks your skills on letter spacing. Might look simple but you may be surprised where some letters actually sit in line with each other. They leave the hardest letters to kern until the end – the last word even caught us out, and we do typesetting almost every day.

    Shape Type provides you with a number of letters whose curves have been set incorrectly, and it’s your role to move the curves into their right position. Easy if you know the fonts the letters come from – a bit of a guessing game if you don’t.

    Color is the only timed challenge, and it can get stressful when you’re looking for the colour match, you know you’re close but you’re watching the clock too much! It’s good training for your eyes, but it’s a bit quick if you’re trying to learn what really makes up a tetrad other than just four colours (it was so quick I can’t even tell you what the last colour combination in the test was, and I consider myself a colour nut).

    And these aren’t just being developed as games to pass the time – they’re actually being implemented into a training course for programmers to learn and understand design. Try them for yourself (designer or not!) and see how you score!

    The anatomy of an agency

    This is just for a bit of fun today, from the very clever Grip Limited 🙂

    Mac users: the spinning beachball of death

    This is a very amusing video of a TED presentation being hijacked by the ever-frustrating “spinning wheel of death” on a Mac…the video just gets weirder and weirder – enjoy!