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    Sarah is co-director of Malvolio. She brings her creative skills to the business, and loves concept development in commercial projects, illustration, and working on various self-initiated paper craft projects in her spare time.

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    So You Need a Typeface?

    This gem is from Inspiration Lab, and even though it’s from 2010 (8 years ago!), it is as relevant today as any other day or year.

    Yes it’s tongue-in-cheek, but there’s also a lot of truth in this for someone who isn’t familiar with fonts (typefaces). To us, it really highlights how our brains work in an infographic when it comes to narrowing down a font for a project. There are a heck of a lot of options, but not all are suitable for each project, each client or each product. And you might think we’re nuts when we ask a lot of questions about fonts, styles or what you want your text to look like – this is why. Sometimes, the decisions can be as complex as this chart.

    There is a little joke about Comic Sans in there. I’ll leave that for you to discover across a journey of lines 🙂


    The Animal Font!

    Now, for those who know me well – I’m a sucker for anything cute.

    I’m also a sucker for unique typography that pushes the boundaries.

    So when I came across AnimalFont, I was uber-excited. Who would have ever thought to create a font from balloon twisting? And as animals in crazy shapes as the letters at the same time. Absolute genius.



    Drawing with light

    Isn’t this the most beautiful and happy interactive art?


    It makes my heart sing every time I see it.

    Reference: Drawing with Light

    Unique, memorable and interactive business cards

    I love business cards. I said it.

    There is something fun about collecting them – maybe it’s the hangover from collecting trading cards as a kid, but in the same way it’s not about collecting just any card, it’s finding the special ones.

    There are so many different types than just “matte” or “gloss”. Some designers (and their even more adventurous clients!) have developed unique, memorable and (at times) interactive cards for all types of businesses. And to be honest – I’m in awe of these following businesses who were brave enough to be a little bit different with their business cards, and I hope you’ll become just as inspired.

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