Case study: “VCAL Voice” Magazine

Earlier this year, we were contacted by the Frankston Mornington Peninsula Local Learning & Employment Network (FMPLLEN) for a different type of design project – helping VCAL students at McClelland Secondary College create a school magazine!

We first started by running a workshop about magazine design with the students, where we plotted out a page plan and template ideas. The students came with heaps of ideas about what they would write in the magazine, and what sort of page layouts they would like (and not like). I was especially impressed that they brought examples along of magazines they didn’t like, which included graffiti text – they wanted to get away from the typical perception of what teens like, which was lovely to hear. They were definitely talking well ahead of their years.

As they had limited time between their studies and making this magazine, we helped create templates for them to use to create the magazine. The templates were planned with grids, which taught the students about page layouts and understanding grids and columns, which will hopefully be skills they will remember in future years.

The students then spent a number of weeks putting together the magazine, and the finished product was wonderful to see. The dedication and effort that the students put in was amazing. I look forward to seeing the VCAL magazine program being placed in other schools in the future!