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  • Style Guides

    A style guide is an important document for any business who would like to keep their brand consistent. The document provides guidelines to follow for all material created for your business.

    Consistent Brand

    No matter how big or small your business is, a consistent brand is a must. Keeping all of your marketing material and business stationery looking consistent provides a professional image and shows that you have pride in your business. Keeping a brand consistent doesn’t need to be considered an expensive task – even in-house communications in a micro business can benefit from referring to a style guide.

    Logo, Images & Visual Elements

    A major aspect of a style guide is that it provides information on what visual elements you have to use for your brand. Some brands are focused on photography, others may have a set of icons to utilise. There are also guidelines on how your logo should be presented (eg. suitable background colours, minimum sizes, layout variations and more).

    Remembering your Fonts & Colours

    If you plan on (or already are) creating a lot of visual material in-house (such as letters or presentations), a style guide is also a handy document to keep on hand as it references what fonts are set up for your brand to use, as well as your colour palette. It saves a lot of time spent guessing when all you need to do is check your style guide for what to use.