As time goes on, some businesses outgrow their logo and branding, and may be ready for a refresh. Sometimes it can be a complete overhaul, other times it is just modernising the current brand.

Logo Design

In a rebranding project we have the added history of the business to draw from when creating a logo design. If your business is going in a completely new direction, a completely new logo can be designed that is aligned with your business changes. Some businesses just need a modern look, where we can make adjustments to your current logo without completely changing what the brand looks like.

Business Stationery Refresh

With your new logo, we can update all of your business stationery to match. Printing can also be arranged if required, and the stationery can be rolled out over time so you aren’t wasting goods you still have that you would like to use.

Website Refresh

Your website is likely to need updating so it’s also included in the rebrand. You may not need an entire new website if your current one is working well for you; it is possible to update elements and colours of an existing website to align it with your new brand.

Signage Redesign

Remember to have your signage updated during a rebrand. There is nothing more confusing than going into a business which has completely different signage to their business stationery or any other visual materials that are seen within their business. We can redesign your signage, as well as provide co-ordination to have your new signage produced and installed if required.

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