Design Audits

Businesses create vast amounts of visual material – more than most realise.

A design audit is a review of all the visual and written elements used by a business; ultimately, what defines the brand and how effective are their key messages.

Gaps are noted and new design strategies can be implemented, making your brand stronger and more competitive.

The Review

Our design audits start by viewing all the existing visual material being used by your business, while also learning about where your company sees itself in the industry, your business goals and core messages.

We review the consistency of your brand’s visual style and message, and provide a report reviewing existing visual materials, what could be improved (and how to improve it), and list any elements that may be missing which can strengthen your brand and message.

Analysis of how your competitors use design and the benefits gained by those approaches is also included in the design audit.

Strategy & Innovation

Design needs of companies are changing dramatically. There may be new, innovative ways of presenting your business to customers and clients which you haven’t yet discovered. A design audit can put forward these ideas for your company to consider in moving forward.

Working With You

Once the report is completed, we can work with you to structure a plan that can be implemented across current and future visual materials, presenting a stronger brand and identity.