Book Inspiration: The Book of Bunny Suicides

The Book of Bunny Suicides (illustrated by Andy Riley) is full of dark humour, but we love it here for more than that: it shows how far you can push a simple idea.

Andy has managed to stretch these bunnies and their lack of brains out across THREE books. That’s showing a lot of ways of demise for a furry friend. The illustrations are simple black and white ink sketches, using no words on the pages. The stories are implied through the drawings – letting the reader come to the conclusion of what’s going to happen next.

For design thinking, this book is the epitome of a great idea. And how to expand upon a great idea is relevant for any business or brand. Yes – bunnies killing themselves has merit in your business.

But it’s not the bunnies. It’s the way that something simple has so many applications. In this case, quite concerning and awkward situations for the bunnies – but you can apply the same in your business. What’s something unique about your business, that you could present in more than one way? Once you have two ways – duplicate it, think of more. This can build a really strong brand for your business, one that is memorable but also one that can reach different people in various ways.

And most of all, it keeps your business thinking fun. Not all ideas will work, and that’s okay. Some ideas will be hilarious and completely not appropriate, but don’t forget that we all need to step back and have a giggle from time to time. And you might just think of some new ways of presenting your business (maybe without a bunny!).