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    Sarah is one-half of Malvolio. She's the creative side of the business, and loves concept development in commercial projects, illustration, and working on various self-initiated paper craft projects in her spare time.
  • Glam Vans Logo

    Logo design for Glam Vans with a touch of retro!

    Ash Simpson Carpentry – Business Stationery

    Ash is a Somerville local (like us!), and we stumbled across each other’s skills by accident – we needed a carpenter for a few things around home, and he needed a designer for his business stationery. We ended up designing a business card and flyer for him. It was a great match, but definitely different to getting other projects done – we had discussions outside in the sunshine while he was hammering away!

    Women on Farms Gathering – Branding

    We have recently been working with WOFG 2018 on their upcoming event. Women on Farms Gathering is coming to the Mornington Peninsula for the first time.

    We started with their brand design, so they could begin promoting the event for sponsorship. The logo is a play on the tagline “our pearls of the peninsula”. The logo was also deliberately designed with bold colours and shapes, as they have plans for screenprinting.

    A “save the date” postcard has also been designed, including the illustration of a map.

    Following this, a website has been built for the event. The watercolour background (to represent the ocean) is across all of their collateral – both printed and online. The website is being regularly updated as the event draws closer, adding to their program and booking details.

    Sam’s Pelmeni Poster

    We design various items for Sam’s, including food packaging and promotional material. This poster promotes their pelmeni and pierogi ranges – traditional Eastern European dumplings. We definitely get to work on a wide variety of projects in the studio!

    My personal favourite of this poster was how the two photos happened to line up perfectly, creating one plate with very different dishes.


    Sorrento Girls Getaway Promotion

    The Sorrento Portsea Chamber of Commerce regularly runs promotions to encourage visitation to the towns, and this was a promotion to do just that (with $1000 thrown in for spending!).

    The project included A3 posters, A6 flyers and social media images used for Facebook advertising.

    Healthy Air Systems – Logo Design

    Healthy Air Systems already had a logo design in mind, and sent me a rough mock-up. They originally just wanted it set up as a high-resolution file for printing, but we worked on the design too.

    To make it feel more unique, we changed the font and worked on the colours. The layout of the words and icon was also edited, making the logo into a rectangle shape – easier for placing in documents!

    Logo design for Healthy Air Systems

    Packaging redesign: new format

    Back in 2013, we designed the first run of packaging for Harigon Gourmet Food’s kreplach (dumplings) range. We recently completed a redesign, which included changing the words used throughout the packaging, and a format change from a 6-sided box to a double-sided stand-up pouch. There are three packages we redesigned.

    Somers Residents Association

    Somers Residents Association has been running for decades, and have some very tech-savvy folks on their committee who set up a website very early on and have been maintaining it all this time.

    But there comes a time where the old (manual) way of updating a website gets tedious. This lovely client was still typing HTML every time the association needed the website updated! Adding a new page meant updating every page of the website to add that page to the menu – incredible work.

    But thankfully, it’s a lot easier today. We converted their website to WordPress (along with designing a new layout in the process). We then ran a training session to show them how to maintain their new website, and they were stoked with how much easier it is now.

    Femagogy Zine

    A zine written by teachers and for teachers, based on their passions of education and feminism.

    They came to us in the very early stages with a name, and some inspiration images, and that was all – the first issue hadn’t even been written yet. We designed their brand (feminine, funky and retro), and have built a website that is set up to eventually incorporate each issue they release.

    To make each article look more appealing, we have set a featured image for each one. This has also become handy when sharing the articles on social media, where images always surpass text.

    Their first issue is out and we look forward to seeing their zine grow!

    You can view their website at www.femagogyzine.com, and see other websites we’ve designed here.

    Logo Design for Femagogy Zine

    Website Design for Femagogy Zine

    Maintaining a website: the launch is not the end

    One thing we find that a lot of people still don’t realise is that once a website is launched, that’s not the finish – if anything, it’s really the beginning of looking after a living and breathing publication.

    Testimonials page – website designThe thing is, you can keep adding new pages and new features. A great example of this is Safecom Security’s website. Their website has been running for over a year now, and the newest feature we’ve added is a reviews/testimonials page. The client is able to add reviews as they receive them, plus there’s a section on the page for customers to also leave a review.

    Another example is on the No Lights No Lycra website, where we recently added a Gift Tokens page. On this page, visitors can purchase gift tokens to use at No Lights No Lycra sessions, which offer discounted entry.

    The goal with a website is to keep it current, keep it relevant. Sometimes this may be from adding new information (or updating existing information), or it may be adding a new feature that adds benefit to your customers while visiting your website.