Blazyn Nights: Website Design

Blazyn Nights is a Melbourne DJ and performer, who had a DIY website she wanted to be turned into a professional website.

The previous website was a great starting point for getting online, but she found there were limitations: it didn’t work on mobile phones, she couldn’t have a form for people to send enquiries, and it was difficult to add photos.

We redesigned the website to feature event photos and her brand colours – give it a night-time feel without being difficult to read. We design all websites to be mobile-responsive, so that was arranged from the beginning. We converted her PDF forms so potential clients can complete them online, including one for song requests.

Her playlists are also one of her points of difference, but previously had to be downloaded to view. We set up previews of each playlist within her website so potential clients can quickly browse and then decide which ones they want to download and print.