Posting invitations with 3D embellishments

Invitations with three-dimensional flowers, jewels, bows and fasteners always look beautiful, and are very popular in DIY, but there’s one aspect that I often find that people forget to take into consideration: how will the invitation cope when it’s posted?

Postal machines enjoy flattening “flat” envelopes – so what was once a flower with puffy paper petals comes through as if it were put through a flower press. Fasteners and jewels also can get caught if they are too raised – which can dint (and even tear) envelopes.

Some tips to make sure your invites arrive as you always intended:

  • Shop carefully for embellishments. Find paper flowers that are flat witrout hard baubles in the middle. If you’re looking for flowers with detail, look for ones with different shaped petals instead of layers of petals.
  • Buy thick envelopes for your invitations; don’t use standard letter envelopes – they are more likely to tear.
  • Avoid fasteners and other metal embellishments that stand up. If they are a complete must in your invitation design, look at posting them in small boxes to avoid any damage.
  • Use soft ribbon – it holds it’s shape better in an envelope.
  • And last but not least: test one invitation in an envelope before posting! Pop one in an envelope, place it under a book for a few minutes and see if it affects any of your embellishments when taken out again.

I hope these tips help if you’re making your own invitations – happy DIY’ing!