• Our Process

    Not sure how the design process works? You can read about the steps involved in design projects here.

  • Request a Quote

    Ready for a quote? We can provide you pricing for your project by filling out the Request a Quote form.

  • Website Development

    We develop dynamic and interactive websites that use a content management system, to ensure each website is easy to maintain. We do not use purchased templates, but instead build websites from scratch – how the content will be presented and how a user will navigate through the pages is planned out before the visual design is developed.

    Types of websites we build

    The types of websites we build range from small business information websites, through to large event and eCommerce websites. Due to the rising popularity of mobile devices, we also develop mobile responsive websites, which can be viewed on a range of screen sizes.

    Content Writing

    For those of you who aren’t comfortable with writing pages of information for your website, we are able to support you with basic editing through to fully writing each page from scratch. We develop and edit content so it catches your visitors interest, speaks as the personality of your business as well as being relevant to improving search engine rankings.

    The Process

    We involve our clients throughout the website development process, including the content planning, site architecture, visual layout design, and viewing of the website in action on our test servers before launching.

    We also provide website maintenance training to those who would like to be hands-on with their websites and manage updates and adding new content themselves.