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    Sarah is co-director of Malvolio. She brings her creative skills to the business, and loves concept development in commercial projects, illustration, and working on various self-initiated paper craft projects in her spare time.

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    Website Design in 2019

    Website design in 2019 has seen some big advances in supported code, which means we’ve been able to build websites beyond our clients’ dreams.

    HTML (the language that is used to build websites) is constantly improving, but it can take years for those new little bits of code to be fully supported. So a new piece of code might only work on the latest versions of a browser. Then we have to wait until the majority of users are on those versions before it’s safe to roll out these new little gems.

    2019 was the year this happened; and wow, it has opened so much opportunity. We can do so much more in a mobile-responsive website than we could before, which is great for those folks checking out websites on their devices. And on desktop, there’s a lot more flexibility around positioning content in a layout. Where you would often be stuck with a single text box years ago, now you can have multiple content blocks to choose from – all with their own styling, and all interchangeable.

    To be relevant to their audiences, we have built traditional looking websites through to websites with alternative structures than what you would normally expect. For example, one website we built works horizontally, instead of top-down/scrolling.

    There has also been a drive towards in-depth information websites, where well-planned navigation, filtering and search options have been incredibly important. The aim of the least clicks to reach the desired information is always at the forefront of our minds when designing and planning a website.

    Here are a snippet of websites we developed in 2019.