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    Not sure how the design process works? You can read about the steps involved in design projects here.

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  • Marketing Material

    The marketing material that each business will find useful usually varies greatly. To us, it’s less about “I want a brochure because everyone else has one” and more about “this brochure will reach the customers I want to attract”.

    While we’ve listed a few of the key items we design on a regular basis below, this is not an exhaustive list. There are many different ways to use design to promote your business.

    Flyers & Postcards

    Flyers and postcards are often designed and printed in sizes that make it easy to post them out, or to be easily displayed in stands. They can be used to give someone an overview of your business, or focus on a particular service or product you would like to promote.


    Brochures provide space to promote your business in more detail than a flyer does. While folded DL brochures are seemingly the most popular, there are many other sizes and ways a brochure can be folded. Your business may be more suited to a booklet-style brochure with large photos, or a small brochure that folds out into a large poster.

    Fridge Magnets

    Popular with tradies, fridge magnets are best for businesses who provide on-call services where their contact number needs to be on hand at all times. While a standard fridge magnet is around the size of a business card, we are able to design them in various shapes and sizes – for example, you may prefer to have a fridge magnet that is the shape of your logo.


    We work with a lot of clients who run events, and posters are a cost-effective way of promoting an event. Posters can be kept simple with only the key information presented, or be detailed with features and programs listed. The size and location of the posters often provides the guide as to how much information should be presented; the key to the design is making sure that it will get across what details you need people to know in the short time they will see it.