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    Sarah is one-half of Malvolio. She's the creative side of the business, and loves concept development in commercial projects, illustration, and working on various self-initiated paper craft projects in her spare time.
  • Cartwright Finance Brokers

    Branding for a lovely finance broker in Somerville – blue, corporate and clean.

    Website facelift for Skinastute

    New layout design launched for Skinastute – just a little facelift to brighten up the website!

    You can read more detail about their website project here.

    Petersen’s Bookstore

    We designed letterheads, flyers and gift vouchers for Petersen’s Bookstore in Hastings. We have also designed the branding for their “Learn at Home Club”.

    Sim Signs

    Business rebranding project for a local Somerville business who work on national signage projects: included logo design, website, stationery and forms. Forms aren’t very exciting to share, but we design a lot of them – they are super important to many businesses…one of the things people often don’t realise are even designed!

    We’re voting YES

    We’ve changed the colour of our logo in our support of voting YES for marriage equality.

    We think this shouldn’t be an issue today and are disheartened that the debate continues.

    It affects so many people close to us. Vote yes and let love win.

    Illustration is moving to Tiny Viking Co!

    We’ve recently been busy on a little (BIG) project – the illustration arm the studio has grown to the point that it needs its own home…so say hello to Tiny Viking Co! This includes a dedicated online store as well: www.tinyviking.co.

    This means we can focus on graphic design and website design here at Malvolio, and illustration/stationery will be at Tiny Viking Co. So make sure to follow both businesses on social media, as the updates will be quite different.

    We LOVE all of the support we get from every one of you, and hope you enjoy this evolution as much as we are excited for the changes!

    Expanding a website

    Orbit Plumbing is a local plumber in Somerville, who started with a small 5-page website. Their website has now evolved into something much bigger!

    Orbit Plumbing first started by just wanting an online presence, which is a regular request from tradespeople…but while a one-page website is great for contact details, it doesn’t cut it when it comes to being ranked in search engines. So we built a small 5-page website as a starting point for them.

    After a few months, they wanted to work on SEO, making their website show up higher for local plumbing searches. Because the website was set up for growth, adding new pages and new content was an easy task – so the time could be spent on writing good content, instead of being concerned about how to expand the website.


    Then Orbit Plumbing opened up a new arm of their business: Orbit Plumbing Products Online, which is an online store selling plumbing products and the opportunity to book installation with those products. The online store was easily added onto the existing website, following the same layout with some new features and customisation added in.

    So they started with 5 pages, and now have a website with over 200 pages of services and products which is constantly updated. It’s been amazing to watch the growth of their now not-so-small (but still local) business!

    Common Sans

    In my quest for searching for different fonts, I came across this gem: Common Sans.

    It’s as common as it gets – until you realise it’s got a hidden message: every time you type the word “refugee”, it replaces the word with “human”. I would have never imagined a font being used for human rights; it’s a wonderful thing.

    From the Common Sans website: Being a refugee is a temporary status, being a human is permanent. Humans are amazing. A stamp on their passport should not let us believe otherwise. Rewrite, retype, rethink.

    So much love for this.

    V1 Imports – Online Store

    V1 Imports are the Australian distributor for a number of major motocross racing brands.

    They required a flexible eCommerce website to sell the products they offer, to enable them to easily add more brands, categories and products as their business grows. We designed it to be easy to navigate whether there are 5 or 50 products in any one category.

    Online store design for V1 Imports

    Designer Kid


    I relate to this article so much: I Was The “Designer Kid”: 5 Annoying Realities. That was me growing up, I was definitely that annoying artsy kid. I didn’t have the crazy hair, but I was obsessed with drawings in kids books more than the story, made most of my decisions based on the colours of something, and had an art supplies collection that would even put the local art shop to shame.

    I don’t think other kids understood, or even adults for that matter. All I knew was that I wanted to draw forever. As long as I could draw, I would be happy. I wasn’t impressed when my parents told me that I couldn’t make a career of it, but the world has its funny ways and it did happen (not without a lot of hard work, however!).

    I think the only people who “got it” were other art/design kids. Not those who were trying to be, but those who lived and breathed art and design whether they wanted to or not. We’re a weird bunch, we think in colours and shapes and pictures – and I didn’t realise this until my teens when I connected with some pretty amazing creative friends who are on the same wavelength. And I’m okay with being weird…not everyone gets it, and when I was a kid I was definitely left-field, but I love my life full of colour and art supplies.

    I guess the skills I learned growing up have come in handy now (not the annoying people part, the skill in designing and drawing part…I hope, anyway!).