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    Sarah is one-half of Malvolio. She's the creative side of the business, and loves concept development in commercial projects, illustration, and working on various self-initiated paper craft projects in her spare time.
  • Google Adwords: Lead Generation

    Did you know that we can also help you and your business with Google Adwords lead generation campaigns? We were approached by Benton Insurance Services to develop a turn-key ‘lead generating’ solution for their business.

    Farm Insurance Online was founded and we worked closely with Benton Insurance Services to create a Google Adwords campaign that delivers potential leads from Google search directly into a website which we custom developed. The website captures critical lead generating data about the customer before being transmitted directly into Benton Insurance Services business systems for immediate staff follow-up and potential business transaction.

    If you’re looking for something like this to help give your business a bit of a boost, feel free to chat to us to see how we can help.

    Style Guides – Keeping Your Brand Consistent

    For those of you who are local to Somerville, you may have noticed that our big accountants in town have recently had a make-over! New name, new branding, new signage…new everything. We are the designers behind the new brand.

    But the one important thing I stress about branding? Keep consistent. So for LBW Advisory, even more importantly as they have a number of staff, a style guide for use within their office was developed. A style guide is a handy reference tool so you don’t have to guess colours, fonts or anything else relevant to the brand.

    Doctor Vein Website

    We developed a new website design for Doctor Vein.

    The layout includes a number of call-to-action sections on the home page, so it wasn’t just “an image and text”. A blog has been set up for ongoing articles and videos from the owner, Gan.

    Using colour as a key to save space

    A common issue in print design: too much content and not enough space.

    The typical solutions are editing content so it’s shorter, or going for a bigger sized brochure/poster/booklet. But sometimes we need to think sideways – sometimes, a larger document size isn’t available, or the content can’t be cut down any further. So what happens then?

    This is where a key (or legend) often comes in handy. Keys and legends aren’t only used on maps, they can be used to categorise all kinds of information. Icons and colours are common elements that are used.

    For the A Gender Agenda calendar, we were limited by space (A4 page) and had a set amount of events we had to make space for. A legend made up of colours worked best to save us space in this design. It also has the added benefit of being easy to quickly find events in each category. Design can be used in clever ways.

    Logo Design: Eureka Mattress

    Logo design for new business Eureka Mattress! We also created a brand style guide for them to use in-house (means nobody has to guess the colours or what font to use – the guide says it all!).

    Logo Design

    A Gender Agenda: Poster Design

    We regularly design posters for A Gender Agenda, to help promote special events they run.

    One of these events was Horses and Mindfulness. I personally adore the photo we used in this poster, the sky is just beautiful (and the horse just a little bit cheeky!).

    Poster Design

    Another mindfulness event poster for AGA is for their mindfulness sessions.

    Birthday Club Stationery

    For a collective of restaurants in Mornington, we created “Birthday Club” stationery – which include discounts and prizes throughout the year.

    Each business – The Winey Cow, Mi Mexiko and Thanks Albert, have different colours and brands – so whilst the style of the poster was consistent, we changed the colours to match each restaurant.

    Along with the posters, generic cards were designed for people to write their details on to join the Birthday Club quickly and easily (usually in the short time waiting for their food or coffee order to be made!).


    Melbourne Jewish Book Week Workshop Flyer

    Last year, we designed a range of flyers for Melbourne Jewish Book Week, for small events they are running separately to their main festival coming up this year. We set up a template design that was easily used across a variety of events, which kept branding consistent.

    The importance of branding

    A few weeks back, I presented a talk on the importance of branding for small businesses to members of Mornington Peninsula Weddings. Over the next few weeks, I’m going to post little snippets from the presentation – little bits to help you!

    The top struggle I come across with small businesses, is that they think they are too small to worry about their branding. In actual fact, being a small business can work in your favour – you have more control over your brand and have the opportunity to make it unique to you.

    Branding Your Business

    Your brand isn’t just visual, it’s not just your logo or your website or your photos…the way you communicate and the words you use are just as important. There is also a human factor in every brand – the personality you share through your business (especially through social media!), counts as much as the visual aspects of your brand.

    Start small. I often speak to start-ups who are totally overwhelmed by all of the things they think they need to get started, where really, most only need a few items to begin building their customer base. Nearly everything in life is easier in small steps, and branding your business is no different.

    Don’t forget brand recognition. I know it can seem like a fun idea to regularly change your colours or logo, but a brand needs to be seen at least 3 times in 3 different places to be recognised. If you don’t have a consistent brand, the opportunity to build recognition is lost.

    A strong brand for a small business can be huge in building trust with you, before a potential customer even makes contact. Make that first impression count. A quick template logo or something put together in Word might be the quick and cheap option, but it could be losing you customers you didn’t even know are out there.

    My last tip: keep consistent. You can be a small business and have a great brand, with a bit of clever thinking and planning. It’s about being memorable, being trustworthy, being a brand your customers/clients/followers love.

    More Roofing Website Update

    One of our long-term clients recently went through a rename: Mear Roofing changed to More Roofing. The cutest part? “Mear” was named after the owner’s kids, and they had another bub and wanted to include him so changed it to “More”. It is such a lovely personal story that makes a family business even more special.

    As part of the rename, we updated their logo and website. The website required a new domain name, email addresses, and updated content.